Thursday, June 16, 2011

LOTM: Lady Gaga Lipstick.

MAC Lady Gaga Lipstick.

So I should probably first apologize for how long I have been away and not kept up with regular posts, but I was busy with school and  I just couldn't find the time to write up posts. Thankfully I am now on my summer holidays (Thank God!) and should be putting up posts alot more often. 
I was pondering over some idea's for my blog, like a regular monthly/weekly feature that wasn't a FOTD or OOTD, and I knew my favorite thing was lipstick's so I came up with the idea of a Lipstick of the Month. A new monthly feature sort of like a monthly favorite post only it's on a single lipstick with a more in-depth review. 

Now, I'm one for a good old bit of lippy slapped on my lips, and who am I to resist possibly the most prefect pink for my skin tone and summer? I bought this when it first came out in Brown Thomas for something like 17.50 if my memory serves me right. The best decision of my life possibly. It's a blue toned light bubblegum pink. I thought it would be just wrong with my incredibly pale skin, yet I was wrong. I just wear it with a slick of black eyeliner or an eyeshadow like MAC's Woodwinked and it work's like a dream. I know it's now discontinued but if you were lucky enough to get your hands on it you should break it out for summer!

Did you pick up this lipstick?
What are your favorite lipstick's for Summer?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pretty Little Things..

So I went in to town and I just picked up a couple of thing and I though I would show you. If you would like a review oon any of the items just comment! I would be happy. 

Essence silky touch blush in  10 'adorable'. Essence is a cheap as chips brand but amazing quality and pigmentation. If you have it retailing near you go get some!
Essence 'No limits power boost' mascara. I have been on the hunt lately for a good volumizing mascara and this promises to do just that. 
Essence 'multi action false lashes' mascara. Another volumizing one so I thought I would try it out!
All of the Essence items above were 2.99. So overall I think I got a good deal.

And after those we have:
MAC 'All that Glitters' eyeshadow. If you look over in the right hand column you can see that it is my product of the month. I love it a great champagne shimmer colour fro the lid. 
MAC 'Creme D'nude' lipstick. Myth is one of my favorite lipstick's from MAC but it is a tad too drying, but used with a good lip balm it's no big problem. This is a cremesheen formula so it wont be as drying. It's a lovely milky nude colour. Could it be a new favorite? 

Have you tried any of these products? 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Review: Rimmel Match Perfection

Rimmel Match Perfection 'Ivory'

So I will start with the colour range. It is definitely more steered to women with paler skin tones, saying this the palest colour 100 'Ivory' still was a tad to dark on me. If you are a girl with quite dark skin, this foundation is not for you. At my local counter they stocked all the colours. Not a good shade range, 6 in total. Wasn't too impressed.

Once I opened the lid I was hit with an alright smell. It dosen't promote any natural ingredients so I was expecting a nasty chemical smell but I was wrong. 

The foundation itself has a sturdy glass bottle but where I think Rimmel fell down is the lid. It's a very flimsy plastic lid which comes off quite easily so I would be wary of putting this in you handbag. 

This is what it claims to do:
"Smart tone technology adapts to the colour and texture of skin. Flawless natural finish. With an oxygen complex. lets your skin breathe"

When I pumped it out it had quite a thick consistency, so I wondered about the 'natural' finish but once applied it did look fairly natural. You really have to work with this foundation and blend it quite good to get it looking flawless. It dosen't feel very heavy in the skin but at the same time you would know you were wearing foundation. It dries to a matte finish. (Well it did on my normal/oily skin!). Throughout the day in school it faired well. I was impressed. I didn't feel the need to powder as I normally do. I would say it has a medium buildable coverage. It would be good for people with problematic skin. Also with them promoting the skin adapting technology I was wary of this. I felt it did adapt to my skin! Surprise!. It didn't look too pink or yellow as some foundations tend to do and it didn't sink into my pores.

Overall, I like this foundation and found it quite good for a drugstore brand. I give it a thumbs up!. 

Friday, February 25, 2011

A Style Saviour.

                                                                   Lauren Conrad 'Style' 

Recently for my birthday two of my lovely friends got me this book, and I love it! At first when I heard about it I was like Hmmm... bit of a pr stunt. Let me tell you I was wrong. It's jammed with pages upon pages of style advice, inspiration, face charts. I mean you name it, it's probably in there. Some of my favorite pages/chapters are the hair and makeup one's. There is alot of good ideas for simple, everyday hairstyles. 

She clearly worked hard on the book and it shows. A favorite page of mine is where Lauren tells you how to get those famous waves. I have tried the method personally and it seemed to work. I also have long, straight hard to curl hair. I feel that the book is sort of wrote in a slight personal manner. It's as if a very stylish friend was giving you advice. She's not telling you what to do but just heading you in the right direction. 

If you can get your mitts on this book I would say get it. It's a fantastic read and some really good pointer's in it. Definitely on my good book list. 
More posts coming during the week! 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Beam me up Scotty'

GOSH - Holographic no.549

After seeing this featured on Pearl's and Poodles blog I said that I must get it. Hearing the possibility that it might be discontinued I was like noooooo(!!). I was out doing some Sunday shopping as you do, and I walked into a chemist and I saw it! There was only two bottles left and I was lucky enough to grab one. I was just about to grab the second but I stopped myself. I said I would see how I get on with this one. And I am well and truly in love. 

I feel like I should be an extra in a Star wars or Star Trek remake. I really did try to capture the beauty of this nail polish in the pictures but I would recommend  you go out and get  yourself a bottle quickly. It really is beautiful and unique. 
This is the first time I have tried this space like polish, but I fear it won't be my last. It took 3 coats to get the desired look above. It doesn't look great after 2 coats but just slap on another and it's perfect. One thing I noticed was that it actually looked better on my nails than in the bottle?! Strange but a good thing. 

Have you tried this nail polish? What are your thoughts? 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Review: Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect :)

Hello. Im back! With a review I might add :). Step up: Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect foundation. Firstly, the colour. I have 'Abricote Clair 71' and it's perfect! I have naturally very pale skin and this suits it down to the ground. I was very impressed as not many brands tend to have a good shade selection. Especially in the drugstore/chemists.  This it what it claims to do:

''This Anti-fatigue foundation conceals all signs of fatigue thanks to a formula enriched with a high concentration of vitamins E, F, B5 and minerals.
Dark circles, skin imperfections and a dull complexion are replaced with an even and rested complexion.Light and oil-free formula.''
When I pumped it out of the bottle the first thing I was met with was a lovely smell. This foundation is promoted with vitamins and minerals so I was expecting a chemical smell. I was pleasantly surprised. 

The foundation itself has quite a watery consistency but that gives you plenty of time to blend and work with it. The packaging is made of plastic but it's quite sturdy. One thing I did notice is that the lid can come off easily. And if this happened to be in your bag it could spill. It has a sheer coverage.It fells quite light on the skin and it isn't cakey atall. Once applied it looks like your skin. It has a satin finish but it isn't shiny . It is sort of matte with a luminous highlight. It lasts a good 8 hours on my skin but I did notice after about 6 I started to get oily and felt the need to powder. 

I get up at 7 o clock in the morning and this is why I chose this foundation. As it promotes a sleep effect(much needed in my case). I applied it and I did notice that my skin did look a bit brighter (as it looks like death in the morning). 

Overall, I really like this foundation and I would reccomend it. It seems as it will be a re-purchase for me also.