Sunday, January 30, 2011

Beam me up Scotty'

GOSH - Holographic no.549

After seeing this featured on Pearl's and Poodles blog I said that I must get it. Hearing the possibility that it might be discontinued I was like noooooo(!!). I was out doing some Sunday shopping as you do, and I walked into a chemist and I saw it! There was only two bottles left and I was lucky enough to grab one. I was just about to grab the second but I stopped myself. I said I would see how I get on with this one. And I am well and truly in love. 

I feel like I should be an extra in a Star wars or Star Trek remake. I really did try to capture the beauty of this nail polish in the pictures but I would recommend  you go out and get  yourself a bottle quickly. It really is beautiful and unique. 
This is the first time I have tried this space like polish, but I fear it won't be my last. It took 3 coats to get the desired look above. It doesn't look great after 2 coats but just slap on another and it's perfect. One thing I noticed was that it actually looked better on my nails than in the bottle?! Strange but a good thing. 

Have you tried this nail polish? What are your thoughts? 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Review: Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect :)

Hello. Im back! With a review I might add :). Step up: Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect foundation. Firstly, the colour. I have 'Abricote Clair 71' and it's perfect! I have naturally very pale skin and this suits it down to the ground. I was very impressed as not many brands tend to have a good shade selection. Especially in the drugstore/chemists.  This it what it claims to do:

''This Anti-fatigue foundation conceals all signs of fatigue thanks to a formula enriched with a high concentration of vitamins E, F, B5 and minerals.
Dark circles, skin imperfections and a dull complexion are replaced with an even and rested complexion.Light and oil-free formula.''
When I pumped it out of the bottle the first thing I was met with was a lovely smell. This foundation is promoted with vitamins and minerals so I was expecting a chemical smell. I was pleasantly surprised. 

The foundation itself has quite a watery consistency but that gives you plenty of time to blend and work with it. The packaging is made of plastic but it's quite sturdy. One thing I did notice is that the lid can come off easily. And if this happened to be in your bag it could spill. It has a sheer coverage.It fells quite light on the skin and it isn't cakey atall. Once applied it looks like your skin. It has a satin finish but it isn't shiny . It is sort of matte with a luminous highlight. It lasts a good 8 hours on my skin but I did notice after about 6 I started to get oily and felt the need to powder. 

I get up at 7 o clock in the morning and this is why I chose this foundation. As it promotes a sleep effect(much needed in my case). I applied it and I did notice that my skin did look a bit brighter (as it looks like death in the morning). 

Overall, I really like this foundation and I would reccomend it. It seems as it will be a re-purchase for me also.