Sunday, February 27, 2011

Review: Rimmel Match Perfection

Rimmel Match Perfection 'Ivory'

So I will start with the colour range. It is definitely more steered to women with paler skin tones, saying this the palest colour 100 'Ivory' still was a tad to dark on me. If you are a girl with quite dark skin, this foundation is not for you. At my local counter they stocked all the colours. Not a good shade range, 6 in total. Wasn't too impressed.

Once I opened the lid I was hit with an alright smell. It dosen't promote any natural ingredients so I was expecting a nasty chemical smell but I was wrong. 

The foundation itself has a sturdy glass bottle but where I think Rimmel fell down is the lid. It's a very flimsy plastic lid which comes off quite easily so I would be wary of putting this in you handbag. 

This is what it claims to do:
"Smart tone technology adapts to the colour and texture of skin. Flawless natural finish. With an oxygen complex. lets your skin breathe"

When I pumped it out it had quite a thick consistency, so I wondered about the 'natural' finish but once applied it did look fairly natural. You really have to work with this foundation and blend it quite good to get it looking flawless. It dosen't feel very heavy in the skin but at the same time you would know you were wearing foundation. It dries to a matte finish. (Well it did on my normal/oily skin!). Throughout the day in school it faired well. I was impressed. I didn't feel the need to powder as I normally do. I would say it has a medium buildable coverage. It would be good for people with problematic skin. Also with them promoting the skin adapting technology I was wary of this. I felt it did adapt to my skin! Surprise!. It didn't look too pink or yellow as some foundations tend to do and it didn't sink into my pores.

Overall, I like this foundation and found it quite good for a drugstore brand. I give it a thumbs up!. 

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